Hello everybody!

Welcome to the INTORescue community!

Check out our membership section for more information on how you can join our supportive peer group!  

We are an organization that has rescue workers and rescue supporters at its heart, at its core.

INTORescue exists to be here for you on those broken heart days, self-doubt days, isolated days where you have no idea where to go for the support you so desperately need.

We have a wealth of educational resources for you to dip into when you get a free moment to pop the kettle on and relax.

We have a passion for helping YOU as an individual – you will find our mental wellness section full of content designed to encourage reflection, discussion and healing. INTORescue is not afraid to discuss tough topics – we believe strongly that rescue workers have lived in silence for too long when it comes to the difficult parts of the job.

We as a committee pledge to work hard to help you, to be there for you and to collaborate with you to create an organization that is your lighthouse, your community.